Dear model building friends,

now a special time starts. The logo has been found, the developments continue, the shop will start shortly and I am very much looking forward to the presentation of my new products in the next issue "Modellbahn-Kurier" Special 44 – Faszination Spur 1", issue 24. At this point a big thank you to the editor, Mr. Zinngrebe!

The number of registrations for the newsletter at the start of my website is also constantly increasing, which of course makes me very happy and gives me the appropriate incentive to present an appealing portfolio right from the start.

A top-of-the-range lighting system for the V160 family from Märklin is also currently under development. Here I was able to win over a great model builder to install the top lighting on one of his vehicles on a test basis and to give me the appropriate feedback for improvement. What makes me very happy is that the feedback so far has been quite positive and there is 😊 great satisfaction with the parts.

A crucial hint came from the esteemed model builder, which I am happy to include as an option in the portfolio. So far, I wanted to offer the light bulbs only without built-in LEDs for cost reasons. Here, however, was the request to offer them fully equipped, which I am happy to comply with. Due to the amount of work, these will be a bit more expensive, but will still be within a pleasant price range.

Once again, I received hints from model building friends that there are cheap 3D prints for railway model making. On closer inspection, however, it always turned out that only inexpensive material was processed here, which very quickly became very brittle and broke easily.

I would like to tell you that this is absolutely not my quality claim. I wouldn't be happy with it myself... The only, but from my point of view acceptable, disadvantage of my processing materials is that it is more expensive to buy and more difficult, especially more time-consuming to process, especially in post-processing after printing. However, I am happy to take on this effort for good results. In the past, I myself have often made the experience that those who buy cheaply usually buy several times. I don't want to do that.

As already indicated, I am very much looking forward to the launch of my shop and also to your feedback after the launch of the website and my products!

Stay healthy with best regards


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