Get to know Montaperti Modelltechnik

Due to a passion for both large and small trains, and with an eye for fine details as a trained locomotive driver, exquisite accessories for beautiful model vehicles are designed and manufactured in Neunkirchen am Sand, located in the Middle Franconia region of Germany, to bring them closer to the original. 

Initially created for personal use, the developments soon caught the attention of other model builders.  

After being invited as a workshop organizer to the first Spur1-Days in Mellrichstadt, located in Lower Franconia, the enthusiasm of the visitors for the developments was evident. Encouraged by the support of fantastic model builders, Montaperti Model Technology was founded with the aim of providing high-quality accessories to all model builders for their cherished pieces. 

Thomas Montaperti

Growing up near the railway line 5903, Nuremberg - Bayreuth, I first came into contact with model trains at the age of six. After being fascinated by the passing trains on a daily basis, I held my first Fleischmann starter set in H0 scale in my hands. I still own it to this day. 

Through a few detours, my enduring interest in trains led me to become a locomotive driver in the freight transport of Deutsche Bahn AG. How I would have loved to experience the era of the German Federal Railways... 

As a father of two young children at the time, I had to safely store away my hobby, and it wasn't until the pandemic in 2021 that I brought it out again. 

Since my childhood, I had always dreamt of having a larger scale model railway, but budget constraints and space limitations prevented it. And finally, the moment had arrived... My first starter set was in my hands... 

With the desire to bring my models even closer to the prototype, I began studying reference photos and conversion reports. It fascinated me immensely and ultimately led me here. 

Having already been involved in 3D printing out of technical interest for some time before the pandemic, it quickly became apparent that other parts should be replaced as well. The desire for further improvements with delicate accessories arose. 

As a result, I delved deeper into the chosen design software, and ideas started flowing. However, since I work full-time for my employer and my family, including our dog, also enjoys spending time with me, the projects progress gradually, one step at a time. 

Impressionen aus der Produktion