Cooler-fan system V100

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The kit of the radiator fan system for the V100 from Märklin has a modular design.

As an option, an original Faulhaber flat rotor motor is offered to match the fan system. The motor starts with slow rotations at about 0.3V and can be operated with max. 12V. By connecting resistors or by operating on decoders with adjustable outputs, the speed can be adjusted and even synchronized with the fan sound through appropriate settings with slow phasing out.

The following parts are included in the kit:

  • A replica of the original Behr fan wheel
  • The fan box with cut-outs in the interior, in which the fan wheel rotates or stands
  • A bracket for the fan box, which is attached to the locomotive box. It facilitates installation and enables non-destructive separation of the components
  • An adapter to be able to statically set the fan wheel without a drive
  • A retaining plate, which makes it possible to attach the motor in the case of a driven fan wheel and, if necessary, to remove it non-destructively
  • Suitable straps for attaching the holder for the Behr fan wheel or the Faulhaber flat rotor motor

Das Produkt wird ohne die Wahl anderer Optionen zur Transportsicherung im Stützmaterial unlackiert ausgeliefert

Warning notice: This product is not a toy and is only intended for collectors with a minimum age of 14 years. Children under the age of 3 must not have access to the product due to small parts that can be swallowed.


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