Dear friends,

now it's not long until the shop starts. The product photos are as good as finished and mostly entered. Since this is my first foray into this profession, I didn't expect what needs to be thought of and done. Slowly, I am growing into this topic.

It is important to me that you are provided with sufficient pictures, information and other things that support you in finding beautiful accessories for your treasures and installing them as intended. For this I am currently in the process of creating instructions, which takes longer than expected.

Another topic is worrying me and I would like to share it with you today. At the moment, I have only limited production capacity and very little storage capacity, which is why I can only manufacture to order for the time being. I am only at the beginning of my small business and am employed by my employer. In addition, I only have a 3D printer and my family also wants to spend 😉 some time with me . I firmly believe that you understand this.

For this reason, according to my first cautious estimate, orders can only be shipped after between 3 and 5 days, depending on incoming orders, volume and volume. Unfortunately, I can't really estimate how high the volume will be, which is why these times can still vary. Rest assured, however, that I want to provide you all with accessories within an acceptable time frame.

What makes me very happy is that many inquiries have already been made to me as to whether one or the other unavailable accessory could be included in my portfolio. I am open to ideas and requests for parts, but for the reasons mentioned above, I cannot realize everything immediately. Currently, I still have some projects open that want to be completed. However, I collect your ideas and are happy to implement them after consultation with the contributors. But it takes...

Just a few words about my current projects -> I am currently revising the functional fan system for the Märklin V100 that I have already installed, which will then also be adapted for other series. As a further highlight, I am currently working on side windows for this series with two-part window frames and a sliding middle window. The function is already given, but I am still working on the accuracy of fit. Furthermore, a revised version of the engine cover with attached scoop will be added shortly.

In addition, the top-of-the-range lighting for the V160 family is currently being tested, as well as more filigree panes with window frames under development. Other projects include steps for O/Ea cars at the front, axle bearing covers for the B4yg from Hübner and lamp inserts for the Swiss crocodile from Märklin.

I am looking forward to the coming exciting time with you and will be happy to keep you up to date.

Until then, I wish you a good time and good health!

Best regards,

Thomas Montaperti

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