Finally LEDs again!

The long wait is over 🙂

Dear friends,

The time has come. Finally, it is once again possible to order light bulbs and kits for DRG, Länderbahn and Reichsbahn lanterns equipped with warm white and red LEDs.

In addition, there is still a lot going on in the shop. In order to make it easier for you to browse and order the products, the shop has been rebuilt accordingly. Consider, for example, the DRG and Reichsbahn lanterns. These are now grouped together under a generic term. In the future, it will be possible to select the desired product based on images with a description and configure it with various options.

The options are, for example, with or without LED, without post-processing, with removed support structures and primer or, using the example of the lanterns, there is also the choice of the finished model. In addition, some products can also be selected in sizes 1:32 and 1:22.5. However, where this option is not available, it can also be made possible upon request via the contact form.

I would like to invite you to try out this possibility for yourself in the shop: Spitzenbeleuchtung Dampf- und Altbaulokomotiven – Montaperti Modelltechnik (montaperti-modelltechnik.de)

I had already pointed out on social media that side windows for the BR 218 from Märklin and the fan system for the V100 from the same manufacturer are new developments. Here are some pictures.

Modular design...

The front windows are still under development as versions with rubber gaskets and metal frames. I'm doing my best and hope to finish it by the fair in Giessen. Here the effort is higher than expected...

Here is a new spare part for the V100, which was also requested. The exhaust for the auxiliary diesel engine:

Thank you very much for the encouragement and the many hints about what else is desired for vehicles, but also for the system design. I like to think about this after the trade fair and go into development.

But now I'm preparing for Giessen and I'm looking forward to seeing many familiar faces again 🙂

I wish you a safe journey and a lot of fun at this event.

Best regards,


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