Hello friends of model building!

Today, I wanted to share with you that I am currently in the process of designing a logo for my small business. Additionally, I am expanding my current portfolio of accessories for locomotives and wagons in 1:32 scale.

Get ready for finely detailed shunting steps for vehicles from Epoch II and shunting steps according to UIC standards suitable for more recent eras. To kick things off, there will also be an exhaust system with hollow pipes and heat shield perforated sheets for the popular maintenance vehicle Klv 53.

Moreover, I will be offering kits for Reichsbahn lamps in various designs for locomotives. For newer diesel vehicles, there will also be lamp kits with light bulbs, laser-cut windows, and lamp rings. Currently in development are lamp kits for vintage electric locomotives and a very special gem... the VT 98 by Hübner/Märklin.

Furthermore, I'm working on the development of prototypical front windows and side windows for the Märklin V100. This development is nearing completion and is expected to be available right from the launch of the shop.

During several model building events I've attended recently, I've heard some criticism regarding 3D-printed accessories. Many experienced parts that were brittle and broke easily under minimal stress. I want to address this issue with my products. Initially, I also encountered parts that were prone to breakage. As this did not meet my own standards, I dedicated a significant amount of time testing various materials to achieve the perfect balance of stability, durability, and precision.

I have found the ideal material! I am highly satisfied with its performance, and I can attest that it not only offers great stability and strength but also boasts high flexibility without being too soft or prone to deformation. We've all had those moments when our sleeves accidentally catch onto a vehicle, bending or breaking delicate brass parts... With my current material, it exhibits such flexibility that it can withstand multiple accidents and automatically returns to its original position after being bent. Even if the parts accidentally fall off the table during assembly, they remain undamaged. 😊

I'm excited about the launch of my website and will provide you with further updates soon.

Best regards,

Thomas Montaperti

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