New products for your favorite models

Dear friends,

After a few Gauge 1 events, such as the trade fair in Giessen and the module meeting in Halver as well as a short break due to vacation, I am happy to show you new products again and to give you a preview of upcoming ones.

Let's start with the model of the V100 from Märklin. The following products have been added to the shop:

The cooler-fan system

The cooler-fan system is modular in design and can be statically defined by a fan included in the standard set. As an option, there is a Faulhaber flat rotor motor with the set, which can be operated with 12V voltage and runs silently from 0.3V across all voltages.

The auxiliary diesel exhaust

The auxiliary diesel exhaust serves as a direct spare part for the original and can serve as a replacement for defects or for further detailing of the V100. The outlet hole for exhaust gases is already included here.

Short circumferential handles

The kurzen Umlaufgriffe are installed in the original on the vehicles of the V100 series, but unfortunately are missing from the model of the large model railway manufacturer. It's hard to believe how much closer to the prototype the model looks just because of this detail.

Let's go one step further to one of my favorite vehicles, the 218 series:

Front steps BR 218

Many of you had asked for spare parts for broken kicks. Not least for this reason, also because I want to detail my own vehicle more, these very filigree and yet stable Front steps for the BR 218 developed. Since the rectangular pins of the original parts tend to get stuck and have to be drilled out, the pins were developed round for the ascent steps.

Side window BR 218

Contrary to what is shown in this photo, both the large and the small side window for the driver's cab of the BR 218 from Märklin included in the set. The windows are each delivered with 3 frame parts and the required laser-cut panes.

Preview of upcoming parts:

Of course, the front windows are still missing for the side windows of the BR 218. The original parts are currently in a professional measurement laboratory. After receiving the data, the tools for the production of the discs are manufactured. Due to the complexity, I ask for your patience here.

What comes much faster are the attachments of the electrical equipment of the BR 218. These are the push-pull train control (WZS) of the Hagenuk design, as well as the train busbar. Currently, the connections that accommodate the cables are still missing. The other parts are already in place. Here are some pictures in advance:

No longer just vehicles

After I was able to have many conversations at the past events, I was increasingly asked to develop and produce accessories for the system design. I was not averse to this wish from the beginning and can now report that the development of various accessories is already in development. Look forward to more soon 🙂

From 28.06 – 30.06.2024, I will take part in Austria's first gauge 1 trade fair at the Ampflwang locomotive park as part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of ÖGEG. I am looking forward to seeing old acquaintances and new friends and interested people again!

Until the next newsletter or meeting, I wish you all the best, good health and time for the most beautiful hobby in the world!

Best regards,


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