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22. June 2023

Thank you all!

Last Saturday, 17.06.2023, my website went live. Many of you have looked at the site and given many positive feedbacks. I am really touched that the site and my products have been so well received!

14. June 2023

The countdown is on! 

After a long time of preparation, the time has come... Next Saturday at 11 a.m. we will start with the shop and further blog posts on current and future developments. You can follow the countdown of my website to the start. I am really looking forward to experiencing all this together with you. 

20. May 2023

Dear friends,

now it's not long until the shop starts. The product photos are as good as finished and mostly entered. Since this is my first foray into this profession, I didn't expect what needs to be thought of and done. Slowly, I am growing into this topic.

11. May 2023

Dear model building friends,

now a special time starts. The logo has been found, the developments continue, the shop will start shortly and I am very much looking forward to the presentation of my new products in the next issue "Modellbahn-Kurier" Special 44 – Faszination Spur 1", issue 24. At this point a big thank you to the editor, Mr. Zinngrebe!

17. April 2023

Hello friends of model building!

Today, I wanted to share with you that I am currently in the process of designing a logo for my small business. Additionally, I am expanding my current portfolio of accessories for locomotives and wagons in 1:32 scale.

2. April 2023

Dear friends of the modeling hobby! 😊 

I will now begin with the first entry of my blog. A brief introduction about myself: I have been a model railroader in HO scale since the age of 6, growing up right next to the Nuremberg-Bayreuth railway line. When my daughter turned two years old and became more mobile, I had to securely store away my layout and dioramas after a "tornado" had passed through them. It wasn't until the pandemic in 2021 that I finally took them out again.